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Le Châtelain Brie comes from the pastures of the Vosges Mountain region of France, which is inhabited by free ranging herds. Alongside the Swiss and German borders, it is an area of spectacular natural beauty, filled with pine and silver birch forests, waterfalls and streams and high rounded peaks.
Made with the same genuine and traditional recipe used by our French master cheese-makers for generations, Le Châtelain brie is made from pasteurized cow's milk. This delicious cow's milk cheese typically has a soft, white, bloomy rind, a luxurious ivory paste and a rich, buttery flavor.
 Le Châtelain Brie was awarded one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon a cheese: a Gold Medal from France's biggest food competition, the 2010 Concours General Agricole held at the Salon International de l'Agriculture in Paris. Chosen from among 17,000 French food products and judged via uncompromising standards of quality and taste, the Gold Medal is a major achievement for any fromager. However, this award is especially remarkable for Brie Le Châtelain because it was crafted especially for the North American market, using pasteurized milk. Though most cheese experts believe it is impossible to re-create the same rich, nuanced flavor using pasteurized milk, Brie Le Châtelain has done it, beating out many competitors

Brie Le Châtelain

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